McGuire Boer Goats

Welcome to McGuire Boer Goats

Newsflash ! We are back in Concordia, KS

Our first goats arrived on our windy hill in North Central Kansas in October 2005. Although having a lifelong experience with livestock, Boer goats added new and pleasurable educational experiences for the whole family. We started with a few select animals exhibiting traits we find to be important and have been able to build a small but selective herd in which each generation is expected to be better than the previous one.

Our main goal is to provide high quality fullblood breeding stock. We maintain a herd of about 20 fullblood and a few purebred and high percentage ABGA does that exhibit excellent mothering abilities, high reproductive efficiency and ability to maintain on pasture with little or no grain supplements.  Our breeding bucks are all fullblood and registered with the ABGA and are selected for traits that complement our does as to improve the quality of the generation to come.

Please visit our "For Sale" page, we usually have goats for sale year around.


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